Sweet Cindy's

​Gluten Free


​My earliest memory is of making mud pies after it rained.  I put them on a boulder to "bake" in the sun.  I was about 4 at the time. 

Baking is my happy place, it is what God put in my hands.

You are invited to taste and see Gluten Free can be GOOD!! 


Todd and I bought this building in 2012 and since then have been renovating an apartment for ourselves and a wood shop and a bakery.  After many challenges, set backs and surprises we opened in April of 2016.  While there remains much work to be done on the building with the addition of a few more apartments;  we are enjoying what we have accomplished so far.  We invite you to come and see.  We have learned bits and pieces about the property's history from our customers and it seems everyone is pleased to see the building in use again.​

​The Bakery is Gluten Free, mostly soy and dairy free as well.  There are a few cookies that use real butter and the non dairy cream has soybean oil in it. 

​I have added an ingredient list to the menu tab on my facebook page.  Hard copies are available at the bakery, just ask. 

​Thank you to our new friends and customers who have made us feel welcome and who are eager to see us succeed. Thank you for all the word-of-mouth advertising as well as the comments and reviews posted on Facebook. You are the reason we are here.